Starting, Again

I want to write!  I have a decent idea and I’ve been studying my genre.  I need to do some more reading in my genre, but I have  good idea of tropes.  Unfortunately I keep starting over.  I find some reason or something I need to have in the beginning which I don’t have, so I start over.  I need to stop starting over and just finish something!

I’ve realized I need to shut off my filter when  write.  I need to stop worrying and just do it.  I want to shoot for 40k to 50k words.  I am writing the the steampunk genre, but I want to do a military steampunk mixed with some fantasy elements.  I am including dragons!  Because dragons sell, lol!

I’m thinking of writing in first person.  A lot of the urban fantasy stories use a first person, gritty, noir style of writing.  I want do that.  Some of the steampunk genre I read are first person, so I don’t think I am too far off writing first person.

My world planning is done.  I’ve create a rich world with so much happening.  I have airship and aether, I have dragons and zombies.  I have a little bit of a plot, and need t develop it more.  I want to develop my characters more too.

Lastly, I want to build a good sized email list, but a high responsive list too.  I want to have a website and post short stories weekly to build up interest towards my initial release.  I don’t want to pay for my list, so I will boost my shorts on FB with a link at the end to my email list.

So time to begin again, and don’t stop!  Time to write!

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